Friday, May 27, 2011

100 Days Danbo Photo Project Gallery By Hartanta Part 7

Day61-Up close and very funny face:Jelly danbo

Day62-Brush my teeth before eating more jelly....haha....

Day63-This how we do it,guys!watch it!

Day64-Help me,I m' trapped in the green roots...

Day65-Across the street lines

Day63-At downtown with danbodoggy

Day67-Behind enemy lines

Day68-Ready my lunch =)

Day69-Time to build my chest muscle

Day70-First time playing the kite,hope the wind will make my kites fly higher and higher=)

100 Days Danbo Photo Project Gallery By Hartanta Part 6

Day51-Drinking mineral water after workout this morning

Day52-Danbo vs Danbo...chess play

Day53-Abstract painting by Danbo-On proses

Day54-Danbo fragrance

Day55-Danbo,stop playing with Wall E,or else Eva will be so jealous!

Day56-Could you tell me what letter is this,Danbo???

Day57-Sold danbo with accessories.

Day58-Praticing my new xylophone

Day59-Time to school,Danbo-s please pay attention

Day60-This ancient temple,lil danbo remember,don't touch anything then ruin it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 Days Danbo Photo Project Gallery By Hartanta Part 5

Day41-From the director of "I Robot",and no present"I Danbo".

Day42-Still busy cooking sunny side up fried egg for my lunch

Day43-Mmmm.....Please meet my dear beautiful lady....what do you think?

Day44-Help me out from this bucket.

Day45-Reading morning newspaper with a cup of tea

Day46-Me and my cute bear friend

Day47-Spend the afternoon playing at kids playground

Day48-At the edge of swimming pool

Day49-Guys,I ve' made some yummy nastar cookies....Wanna try it????

Day50-Oppps...Finally I steal this from the owner....hehehe....

100 Days Danbo Photo Project Gallery By Hartanta Part 4

Day31-Is it me or "another" me,there at the window?

Day32-Wanna play holahoop with me??

Day33-Don't disturb me.Need more concentration to finish me in this drawing

Day34-Do you still remember these old unique ball plays?

Day35-Walking at Danbo town

Day36-Playing the trash with Wall E

Day37-Laying on the sea sand

Day38-Come to me dear lizard......Don't be afraid....

Day39-Lost at deep blue sea

Day40-At Bird Muzeum

100 Days Danbo Photo Project Gallery By Hartanta Part 3

Day21-Walking Home

Day22-Dando with Zakumi
The spirit of World Cup 2010

Day23-How tall I am??

Day24-Checking My Fans at Facebook

Day25-Dando is telling the stories to the new friend at the park

Day26-Danbo has to finish the desk today

Day27-Starring at the window,hoping the rain won't come again

Day28-I wish I can stop this rain from falling...

Day29-Iron man 3~=P

Day30-Danbo with Po
OMG!Wish me luck guys~>.